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Pathfinders Compete In Bible Experience

posted on November 12, 2015, under Church by

by Myrlin Brooks

PBE-LogoIn 2015, twelve Florida Conference Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) teams advanced to the Division level as part of a 128-team field competing in Keene, Tex. All 12 Florida teams scored a 1st-place finish: Altamonte Springs Knights, Bethesda Eagles French, Eliathah Envoys, Ft. Lauderdale Spanish Astros, Hialeah Springs Spanish, Lehigh Royal Knights, Maranatha Torchbearers, Miami Central Spanish Team A, Miami Central Spanish Team B, Miami Springs Truth Seekers, Plantation Messengers, and Westchester Spanish.

As a result of the intensive Bible study required for teams to excel, the words they read will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The unique methods used in helping Pathfinders become more intimate with their Savior is exceptional and fun. One coach voiced that studying the Bible with her children made her family grow closer.

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