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Beth-El Shalom Teen Follows Her Dream

posted on September 10, 2015, under Church by

by Jeff Zaremsky

Brittany Preble is baptized by Jeff Zaremsky. (Photo: Carolina Haase)

Brittany Preble is baptized by Jeff Zaremsky. (Photo: Carolina Haase)

Brittany Preble desires to be a physician specializing in natural remedies. Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky, who pastors the Beth-El Shalom congregations in New Port Richey and St. Petersburg, told Brittany about health ministries in the Adventist Church. She was surprised to learn that a group of people were doing what she dreamed of doing.

Brittany, 17, is on course with dual enrollment for an AA college degree and a high school diploma when she graduates in the spring of 2016. Her story is an amazing transformational miracle.

A small part of the most recent chapter in her life happened when Brittany’s family started attending services with the Beth-El Shalom congregation of New Port Richey. They wanted to get away from worldly, man-made holidays as they looked for something authentically biblical. Enjoying the services, they began participating regularly.

One Beth-El Shalom member gave the family a DVD set of the 31-sermon series Surviving and Thriving in These Last Days filmed at the sister St. Petersburg Beth-El Shalom congregation. Brittany and her family enjoy what they are learning and are happy for the changes made in their lives.

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