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Couples Recommit to Christ and to Each Other

posted on June 03, 2015, under Church by

Recommittment Ceremony at Lauderhill Church. (Photo: Uriah Bennett)

Recommittment Ceremony at Lauderhill Church. (Photo: Uriah Bennett)

by Lydia Mason

Recommitment was a family affair at Lauderhill Church as 32 couples, dressed in formal suits and flowing gowns, renewed their vows on a beautiful Sabbath day. Lovely bridesmaids, charming groomsmen, beautiful flower girls, and rambunctious Bible bearers truly made this a Recommitment Ceremony with the church family serving as witnesses.

It was awe-inspiring to witness the grooms line the span of the altar to behold their brides coming down the aisle into the arms of their beloved, to observe couples looking into each other’s eyes while promising, with conviction, to be true, to be faithful, to be committed to each other, and to live a life of dedication to their God. Pastor Lester Elliott presented the homily, charge, prayer, vows, admonition, encouragement, counsel, and challenges. Prior to this high day, he conducted pre-ceremony marital workshops where he counseled the couples how to stay together in love and how to show Christ to each other in the marriage. An afterglow workshop followed to help keep the love flame burning.

The reception following the Recommitment Ceremony brought Sabbath rejoicing and caused many to say, “This is heavenly.”

Couples ended a perfect day at sunset, sailing off into the Intercoastal Waterway, hand in hand, happily thanking the Lord for this renewed commitment to be closer to Him and to their beloved.

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