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She Witnessed on the Go

posted on March 15, 2015, under Member by

by Lesonie Walker

Erwin Rodrigo and Myret Howson-Stewart. (Photo: Guibert Etienne)

Erwin Rodrigo and Myret Howson-Stewart. (Photo: Guibert Etienne)

When Myret Howson-Stewart encountered Erwin Rodrigo in the parking lot for just three minutes, she had no idea she was pointing him to Christ.

Myret was leaving Miami to start a job in New York. While loading her car, a man from the neighborhood approached and remarked, “I see you are leaving us.” She affirmed and, while exchanging pleasantries, briefly told him about Christ. Myret promised to call Erwin from New York to continue their conversation, and she kept her promise.

During several conversations that followed, she discovered that he had serious medical and personal problems. Erwin’s health had deteriorated to the extent that he believed his suffering was caused by necromancy instigated by his unhappy wife.

Myret encouraged Erwin to visit Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Church in Miami Gardens to meet with Pastor Newton King who, like him, was from Trinidad. Erwin later confessed he had no intention of meeting with an Adventist pastor.

Although Erwin would not visit the church, Myret was not discouraged. She kept witnessing to him for more than seven months by sending religious tracts, praying for his salvation, and encouraging him to seek proper medical attention. The nausea, vomiting, and other complications intensified, forcing Erwin to finally accept that he needed spiritual help to free him from what he described as “evil spirits.” In the mean time, “the praying lady in New York” alerted the pastor to expect a call from Erwin.

One Sabbath, Pastor King, who has a burden for souls, petitioned God to send someone who needed Christ. The next day, Erwin reluctantly called the pastor and expressed his need for spiritual help. The pastor rejoiced for Myret’s insistence and faithfulness and God’s immediate answer to his prayer. Erwin and the pastor met for prayer and Bible studies at least twice per week for one month. Erwin accepted Christ and was joyfully baptized.

Soon after, Erwin received a triple bypass cardiac surgery. He was hospitalized for three weeks, but experienced a remarkable recovery. Myret, who was unavoidably absent from his baptism, later surprised him at Maranatha Church. It was a picture-perfect moment when Myret and Erwin embraced each other—a soul had been born for Christ.

Erwin now praises God for his spiritual and physical healing, and declares that he is eager to share his faith with relatives and friends.

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