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MagaBook Students Shine for Jesus

posted on March 15, 2015, under Conference, Member by

by Les McCoy

Brittany Hodges.

Brittany Hodges.

Florida Conference sponsored two MagaBook programs this winter at Fort Myers and Lady Lake Churches. From mid-December through January, 49 students contacted more than 75,000 people for Christ. They delivered more than 6,000 books, prayed with more than 10,000 people, and received $86,636 in donations with 70% going toward school scholarships.

One of our most important ministries is getting our publications to the people so they can know what God requires of them and to be ready for His coming. These students did exactly that.

Brittany Hodges shares an experience from this past winter’s program which she calls, “Let the Lord Lead.”

I was in my last neighborhood of the night. It was a miracle how we gained access into the neighborhood because it was a gated, upper class community. My prayer was that the Lord would keep all of the canvassers in this neighborhood invisible until His perfect will was accomplished, and He did just that.

After a knocking on a few doors, I eventually reached that one person who the enemy uses to frighten us and say that we “shouldn’t be soliciting, and someone will call the cops.” I knew, once I got this message, my divine appointment was soon to come.

Not moments after, the Holy Spirit told me to turn around. Lo and behold, a man and his daughter were walking toward me. I began my speech about what I was doing in the community, and instantly the father was interested. He stood there with copies of Foods That Heal, Bible Answers, and The Great Controversy in his hands.

During our conversation, he asked, “What do you believe?” (The question I usually hear is, “What denomination are you?”) After giving my most tactful answer, he inquired about other books and soon received a copy of Desire of Ages, Lessons of Love, and Plants That Heal.

The testimony is not so much that he received six books on the spot, but it was as if the angels were literally pulling us toward each other. Mr. Paul’s house was not on my side of the street, but the Lord saw fit for us to meet at that time.

There were hundreds of experiences like this one. As Brittany concluded, “I’m grateful for how the Lord orchestrates these divine appointments, but we have to be in tune with Him in order to hear His still, small voice, and let the Lord lead.”

We are very thankful for the dedication and commitment our young people are willing to make for Jesus.

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