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Rogers and Mary Henderson Celebrate 70 Years of Marriage

posted on August 07, 2014, under Member by

Rogers and Mary Henderson. (Photo: Richard Howard)

Rogers and Mary Henderson. (Photo: Richard Howard)

by Naomi Zalabak

Rogers and Mary Henderson celebrated their 70th anniversary on May 24, 2014. Rogers’ preparation for ministry at Southern Missionary College (now Southern Adventist University) in Collegedale, Tenn., included meeting his future wife, Mary, before he graduated in 1947.

His first pastorate was in Kentucky-Tennessee Conference where he served for 13 years, followed by 10 years in Rocky Mountain Conference and 10 years in Florida Conference. Through the years, Mary often substituted as a teacher in the church’s school.

Henderson tells of a man he met during prison ministry in Canon City, Colo., who admitted he was guilty of his crime. This man was about to be paroled but needed a job. Pastor Henderson contacted an Adventist business which agreed to hire him, and he became their chief foreman. His church membership led to leadership positions in his church. When the Hendersons visited the church later on, this neatly dressed man came up to them and threw his arms around them in greeting.

The Hendersons retired in 1980 on the western slopes in Colorado. During the 16 years they lived there, they were often called to serve in small churches in the area. In 1996, they moved to Florida and became active members of Avon Park Church.

They have one son, Michel Rogers Henderson, who is married to Jill.

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