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God’s Kingdom Advances in China—More Bible Workers Needed!

posted on August 27, 2014, under Conference by

by Audrey Folkenberg, Phil Bond

One of 44 baptisms in China held one Sabbath this July.

One of 44 baptisms in China held one Sabbath this July.

Eighty-six Chinese Bible workers sponsored by Florida Conference members, Sabbath School classes, and churches have baptized 1,056 people and are currently conducting 1,271 Bible studies.

One couple left their home earlier this year to share Jesus in a city with no Seventh-day Adventist presence. While getting to know their new city, these front-line pioneers noticed children picking up trash. They soon discovered the children were selling it to provide money for their families living in surrounding mountain villages. It is sad that these children must collect trash to survive. They were also disconnected from opportunities for an education. Our Bible workers knew these children would never have a chance in life without an education. Consequently, they slowly connected with the children and their families, gained their trust, and offered free tutoring.

Today, almost 100 children in this city are learning to enjoy reading, writing, and arithmetic through instruction from this couple. They are also learning about Jesus and His love.

Not only are these children given a chance for a better life on earth, they and their families have the opportunity to learn of heavenly things. In fact, several have already chosen to accept Jesus’ gift of eternal life and joined the Adventist world family through baptism.

Forty-seven of our 133 Bible workers are serving in faith without a financial sponsor. Would you please help? Perhaps you, your Sabbath School class, or church could commit $1,500 needed to support a Bible worker in China for one year.

Please contact Phil Bond at Florida Conference today: (407) 618-0243.

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