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Michael Termine Turns a Healthy 100

posted on July 08, 2014, under Member by

Michael Termine

Michael Termine

by Karin Alderfer

Michael Termine was honored at Florida Keys Camp Meeting in February on the occasion of his approaching 100th birthday. He was born in Norristown, Pa., on February 25, 1914, as the second child of Italian immigrants. His thirst for knowledge and new truth from the time of his youth led him to join the Adventist Church.

Michael met his wife-to-be, Marie, at a party hosted by her brother, and they married in 1939. Their close and loving relationship continued for 68 years until her death in 2007.

After years of praying for a child of their own, Michael and Marie adopted Joyce in 1948. “My dad was and is a loving father,” states Joyce. “He sacrificed a lot so I could attend Blue Mountain Academy, Andrews University, and University of Maryland.”

Michael was an accomplished tailor, then worked as a master plumber until retirement at age 75. He installed the plumbing system for Pottstown, Pa., Church where he served in many roles, including head elder for many years.

Producing vegetables from his garden for his family, siblings, and neighbors was his principal hobby. After laboring all day, he would tend to his plants and spent many late nights with Marie canning and freezing the bounty they had harvested.

Michael’s habit was to study his Bible and Sabbath School lessons, and he was a frequent Sabbath School teacher. In retirement, he has the opportunity to re-read many of the volumes he previously studied, including The Great Controversy. In his present church in Key Largo, members appreciate his enthusiastic presentation of the weekly mission reports.

He maintains a healthy lifestyle with daily exercise and a healthy diet. Michael’s doctor says he is the healthiest centenarian that he has ever seen.

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