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Annie Bell Celebrates 106th Birthday

posted on July 08, 2014, under Member by

Annie Bell

Annie Bell

by Robin Moss

Annie Bell was born on February 29, 1908, in Camilla, Ga., to parents who were sharecroppers. As she celebrates her 106th year, her advice to others is, “You just do the right thing. It doesn’t matter what others do.”

Annie married Otis Bell, and they had 15 children. She would carry her children to church every Sunday. However, her sister, Essie Mae Johnson, would continue to come and witness to the family about the Three Angels’ Messages and the Sabbath. Annie had always loved the Lord, so she began to search the scriptures and later accepted the Sabbath truth. She was baptized in early 1960 in Albany, Ga.

Most of Annie’s years of employment were on various farms and domestic work. She managed her own sewing business and was able to keep her head above water even when labor was only worth $3 a week.

After the death of her husband in 1970, she moved to Orlando, Fla., with one of her daughters. There, she attended Mt. Sinai Church and worked with the Dorcas Society and Community Services, helping anyone in need. She resided there until 2000 when she moved to Daytona Beach, Fla., to live with her daughter, Nellie Johnson. They are both members of Daytona Beach Church.

Annie has been a vegetarian for many years, and her vision and mind are sharp. Though she has begun slowing down, she still takes occasional strolls around the house with the help of her walker.

Of her 15 children, nine are still living and eight of them are Adventists. She also has 100 grandchildren and 50 great-grandchildren. Her greatest desire is for all her family to accept the Lord as their personal Savior and be saved in God’s kingdom.

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