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Missions at Home and Missions Abroad

posted on March 25, 2014, under Conference by

by Mike Cauley, D.Min.
Florida Conference President

Florida Conference has renewed its commitment to embrace its calling as a missionary agency. This is why our upcoming Camp Meeting, April 10-13 at Camp Kulaqua, will portray the theme, A Mighty Movement—Returning to the Cities.

The purpose for starting Conferences was to foster evangelism and church planting in their territories and promote overseas missions. Energy was highly expended in order to reach people with God’s saving message of grace and truth.

Early in her ministry, Ellen White urged leadership of the fledgling Church to adopt a world-wide approach to the movement. By 1874, she strongly encouraged the Adventist Church to use its means “to spread their beliefs to other nations, mentioning Australia by name (LS 208-210). Writing from Australia in 1892, she talked about the need to work in Africa, India, and China. (FE 208, 209) As her view of mission expanded, she was tireless in both urging and practicing widespread participation in the missionary task.” (The Ellen G. White Encyclopedia p. 994)

We are seeking to return to our roots. We are once again seeking to focus upon missions at home and missions abroad. God is at work in this endeavor. In February, the Impact Miami program was a wonderful success. If you read my report on page 7, you’ll learn how 10,000 people in and around Miami were impacted by this event.

As far as overseas mission is concerned, we are seeking to sponsor church planters in China. The ratio of Adventists to nonAdventists in Florida is 1:190, and the ratio in North America is 1:330. The ratio in China is 1:3,300! China is a country about the size of the continental United States with 1.4 billion people.

Prosperity is coming to China, and religious oppression is easing. For a donation of $1,500 a year, your church or school (or an individual) may sponsor a Chinese church planter to a city in China. Our hope is to raise enough support for 133 church planters, trained and prepared to reach people with the gospel and the Adventist message.

To help fund this project, you may donate through your local church by marking it “China Connection.” A provision is also being made through Adventist Giving online.

We invite you to join us in praying that God will help us be about our Father’s business and embrace our calling as a movement of destiny.

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