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Food for Soul and Body Found at Walmart

posted on March 21, 2014, under Member by

by Naomi Zalabak

“Someday, I will go into that church,” said John Conyers as he walked past the Avon Park, Fla., Church. Little did he know that he would one day become a member.

On a November day in 2013, Alejandro Sarria, Bible Worker for Avon Park Church, stopped by Walmart intending to do a bit of shopping. He encountered John outside the store asking for food, as his family was destitute. Alejandro invited the man to come into Walmart, and he purchased several food items for the family.

As they left the store, Alejandro asked John if he would like to have Bible studies. Eagerly, the man accepted. After a series of studies, Avon Park Pastor Frank Gonzalez baptized John and his wife, Sherry Taylor, on January 18 into membership.

Where do you find subjects for God’s kingdom? Look among friends and neighbors—and at Walmart. “Cultivate an interest in people and an awareness of their needs,” says Alejandro Sarria who has developed a habit of offering Bible studies to everyone he meets.


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