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MagaBook Ministry Celebrates Banner Year

posted on October 01, 2013, under Conference by

Summer 2013 MagaBook students. (Photo: Martin Butler)

Summer 2013 MagaBook students. (Photo: Martin Butler)

by Les McCoy

“This summer was our best yet for the MagaBook program,” says Les McCoy, Florida Conference Youth Publishing Director. Highlights included:

  • 60 student workers
  • 13 leaders
  • More than 300,000 people contacted
  • $205,000 donations for scholarships
  • $293,000 total donations
  • $50,000 matching funds by various academies and universities
  • 25,000 books distributed

Students and leaders were headquartered at Jacksonville Adventist Academy, Tallahassee First Church, Osceola Adventist Christian School in Kissimmee, and Sawgrass Adventist School in Plantation. These hosts went the second mile in extending kindness and support.

Team members encountered many opportunities for witnessing and praying with customers such as first-time canvasser Lauren McCoy. A senior at Walla Walla University, Lauren, met a woman who was not thrilled at first with a canvasser at the door. The women, however, warmed up to Lauren and purchased two books, one on health and one on knowing Jesus personally.

Then, Lauren and the woman prayed for each other. As Lauren was leaving, the woman said she was suffering from cancer. “I’m so glad you came,” she said. “I really needed your visit right now.”

We are so thankful to God for the experiences that impact both the students and the people they meet.

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