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Testimony of a Life-changing Experience

posted on June 28, 2013, under Education by

Caroline and David Collins study during class at Lay Institute For Evangelism. (Photo: Seth Dixon)

by Renee Edwards

“I’ve grown up in an Adventist home, and I know the doctrines, but I don’t know the texts by heart.”

“How do I give a Bible study?”

“How do I get out of my box?”

“I want to do more.”

These are among the comments and questions of many who feel a burden to serve the Lord; yet, they don’t know how. Backed by Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI), Lay Institute For Evangelism (LIFE) revives, inspires, grounds, and equips laity from around the world at its Lady Lake home base. Jesus, the pre-existent source of LIFE, is lifted up during every class and training session. As a result, students grow and gain a whole new boldness to share the truth.

Dana West. (Photo: Seth Dixon)

“LIFE was everything I had hoped for and so much more,” testifies Dana West, Health and Bible instructor for Palmetto Church. “It is a well-rounded and thorough education in preparation to be a Bible worker, pastor, or whatever health or gospel ministry one plans to embark upon. I learned so much, and I continue to learn as I put it into practice.

Scott Moore, right, is president of LIFE. His wife, Melanie, is food service director. (Photo: Seth Dixon)

“As a health and Bible instructor, words cannot express how exciting it is to see people respond and embrace the fullness of the gospel, and I get to be a part of it. “This is not just my work—the whole church is involved. LIFE has brought new life to Palmetto Church!

“The program at LIFE continues to add new classes, and I hope to continue learning by participating in every new class as I am able, bringing my students with me. Given the opportunity, I would take the entire course over again. That is how good LIFE is! Praise God for LIFE!”

Since Dana’s experience at LIFE, she has brought others to Christ. One is currently attending LIFE. If you share a similar burden and long for a LIFE changing experience, “Come Experience LIFE.”

231 Lake Griffin Road Lady Lake, FL 32159
(888) 628-2819

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  • Fred Morris

    Hello Scott,
    We see your class every so often. Wanted to let you know we are still alive and well.
    Remember the green suit guy that you and your friend bought a nice tie that matched perfect. Things are going good here at Laurelwood. Dick Hoey is our Bible worker and has an average of 30 Bibdle studies per month and that many dropped off lessons as well. The Lord is blessing.
    Good to see you are ministering to others.

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