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Youth On a Mission

posted on March 22, 2013, under Conference by

by Pedro Perez

An army of youth will share hope this summer in the city of Orlando.

IMPACT Orlando is a week-long summer mission trip organized by Florida Conference Youth Ministries. It is designed to provide opportunities for young people to serve and share hope. Citizens of Orlando will see it advertised as LIVE With HOPE when messages appear on billboards, door hangers, postcards, business cards, and T-shirts.

Local Adventist organizations SALT (Service And Love Together) and LIFE (Lay Institute For Evangelism) will join the collaborative outreach effort with Orlando-based agencies, as well as Florida Conference’s Publishing, Children’s Ministries, Ministerial, and Community Services departments.

IMPACT Orlando will have many outreach components. In late May, MagaBook student workers will begin making door-to-door contacts in Orlando neighborhoods. Then, a group of youthful missionaries (ages 14+) will descend on Orlando the week of June 23-30.

These youth will be housed at Orlando Junior Academy (a fully fenced/gated property) to receive training in a variety of outreach ministries, including door to door, elderly, homeless, children, sidewalk preaching, puppets, balloon animals, and face painting. In addition, they will be involved in community service projects and help conduct several Vacation Bible School programs.

On Sabbath, June 29, an army of young people representing Adventurer, Pathfinder, Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries age groups, will gather in Orlando for another wave of IMPACT outreach. In the morning, they will distribute more than 10,000 copies of The Great Hope (an adapted version of The Great Controversy), as well as 5,000 copies of the New Testament. Thousands of homes will receive a neighborly visit from young people offering to pray with the residents and share free literature with them.

That afternoon, Lake Eola and Festival Park in Orlando will come alive with parades, Pathfinder drum and drill demonstrations, health exhibits in partnership with Florida Hospital and CREATION Health, live music, activities for young people, literature and prayer tents, and free refreshments.

When IMPACT Orlando activities end, there will be follow-up Living With Hope evangelistic meetings, small group gatherings, and CREATION Health seminars conducted in participating Adventist churches throughout greater Orlando.

Volunteers who would like to join the army of youth sharing hope this summer in the city of Orlando may register at

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