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Radio Station Finds a Home

posted on February 15, 2013, under Church, Video Report by

North Lake Church in the northern region of Lake County, Florida, is home to WGTT 91.5 FM. (Photo: Chester Graham)

by Chet Jordan

An orchard of pecan trees stretched out before Raul Ortiz as he shook his head in disbelief. For years, he carried a burden in his heart for a full-power radio station to preach the gospel. Raul and a group of laymen obtained a license, received the call letters and frequency WGTT 91.5 FM, and were assigned a broadcast area. Next, they needed to find a location, central to the broadcast area, where they could establish their radio station. As Raul stood at the ideal location on Emeralda Island Road in Leesburg, Florida, his dream was fading fast as he viewed nothing but countryside and a pecan orchard. There was no building to rent and he had no money to build.

After some time elapsed, Raul revisited the area and was surprised to find a church built on the site of the pecan orchard. Amazingly, it was home to an Adventist congregation! He was elated and decided to present the possibility of a radio station to North Lake Church members.

Members expressed an interest, but they had no available money for the project and no experience operating a radio station or preparing programming. Shawn Lathrom, pastor at the time, then remembered someone he met years before. He contacted Linda De Romanett, owner of the Family First Radio Network in Keene, Texas. She was interested in purchasing the station if the church would provide a place for operation.

Sandra and David Yandoh (right) gave their hearts to the Lord through the ministry of Chaplain Faye Rose, (center) director of spiritual care at Florida Hospital Waterman, and listening to WGTT which led them to Bible studies with Coretta and Obed Graham (left). The Yandohs were baptized by Chaplain Rose at North Lake Church on December 15, 2012. (Photo: Aric Turlington)

Engineers determined that the new station could be permanently located at the church with a radiated power of l,600 watts. In the church attic, a room was constructed with adequate electricity and an air conditioner. The station began broadcasting in May 2011 with a 24/7 schedule covering a radius of 24 miles.

Family First Radio Network provides the programing and allows for locally produced programs and advertising. Speakers are largely well-known Adventist evangelists, while a number of time slots feature health presenters.

People are listening and are attending Adventist Churches in the area. Several listeners have been baptized, including Sandra and David Yandoh who joined North Lake Church in December 2012.

Beginning January 1, North Lake Church hired a Bible instructor to follow up with the growing number of interests and contacts generated through the radio station.

Bonus video: Sandra and David Yandoh share their testimony from listening to North Lake Church’s radio station.

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Kendall Church Members Honored

posted on February 13, 2013, under Church, Member by

by Alrie Mundell

Five long-time, active members of Kendall Church in Miami, Fla., celebrated age 90+ birthdays during 2012. With thankfulness to God, the lives of these individuals were recently recognized for service in His work and for the blessing they are to the congregation.

Pearl Bell is known as a strong supporter of her church. Her friendly smile and gentle demeanor helped Kendall Church become recognized as the friendly church. (No photo available.)

Hugh Crarey served as an elder and interim pastor during his service of more than 24 years at Kendall Church. He still attends every Sabbath and blesses the services singing hymns of praise with his rich baritone voice.

Ethlyn Gordon holds the distinction of being the oldest member. She has mentored and inspired both young and old. Seeing her on Sabbath mornings gives every age group the inspiration that being 95 is not too old to faithfully serve the Lord.

Marjorie Mundell, along with her husband, Roderick, are charter members of Kendall Church after it grew out of its mother church, Miami Temple, more than 25 years ago. Before Kendall Church was built, Marjorie’s home was the site of many prayer and board meetings. She strongly supports the work of her church in the community it serves.

Jean Richards has willingly served her church as an officer for more than 20 years. She was employed for many years as a nurse and still gives sound medical advice to her church family.

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Eliathah Members Experience the Upper Room

posted on February 08, 2013, under Church by

by Wendy Forrest, David Thomas

Eliathah Church hosted a record attendance during Alanzo Smith's Family Enrichment Series. (Photo: Errol Blake)

“Have you ever wondered why the disciples had such death defying faith? What gave them the courage to proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth in spite of such overwhelming odds? Why were they so different after Pentecost?” asks Mark Finley in 10 Days In the Upper Room. Captivated and convicted by his study of the Upper Room experience, Pastor Noel Rose led members of Eliathah Church, Tamarac, Fla., into a life-changing experience prior to the start of a fall revival.

Results of earnest intercession were visible from the opening night of the revival, The Family Enrichment Series, presented by Alanzo Smith, D.Min, Ed.D, Director of Personal Ministries, Sabbath School, Men’s Ministries, and Family Counseling at Greater New York Conference, Manhasset, N.Y. As on the day of Pentecost, the church was filled to capacity with record attendance. Even with two morning services, Sabbath celebrations saw overcrowding as a serious challenge.

Smith exposed Satan’s crafty deception on the family as meetings progressed, and attendees continued to experience the abundant presence of the Holy Spirit as men, women, boys, and girls surrendered their lives to Jesus. True Pentecost was realized as 40 precious souls gave their lives to the Lord in baptism on the final Sabbath.

Walking in the footsteps of the disciples as they followed the instructions of Jesus, to tarry and earnestly pray, believe, confess, surrender, be in one accord, and wait for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, was the sole reason for this Pentecost experience.

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Gainesville Pathfinders March In Homecoming Parade

posted on February 06, 2013, under Church by

by Adrian Paneto

Thirty-five Pathfinders from Gainesville Spanish Church and Southeastern Conference's Bethel Church joined to participate in University of Florida's annual Homecoming Parade. (Photo: Leonardo Velez)

Marching in the University of Florida Gator Homecoming Parade, down one of the busiest streets of Gainesville, Fla., 35 Pathfinders in their Class A uniforms, with a color guard, decorated float, and drum line, made themselves known in a city recognized mostly for its secular college atmosphere. Young people from Gainesville Spanish Church were joined by those from Southeastern Conference’s Bethel Church to represent Seventh-day Adventists in the annual Friday parade.

It is the second year for Pathfinder involvement in this fall classic that sees thousands of residents lining University Avenue to witness the city’s largest parade of the year. The club invested hours of planning and decorating into their preparation that led to the privilege of being shown on a local television station.

Local PBS affiliate WUFT Channel 5 provided a live broadcast of the parade. The Pathfinders are hopeful their participation will encourage other local clubs to join them in the future. (Photo: Karla Rivera)

The Pathfinders of Gainesville continue working hard to further the advancement of God’s truth and welcome each opportunity to be a beacon of light in their community.

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