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Perry Church Members Embrace Differences

posted on November 30, 2012, under Church, Video Report by

by Patty Crouch

Perry, Fla., Church members and their youth-focused U-turn Ministries have joined forces under the direction of Patty Crouch, Lay Pastor, to bridge the generation gap within their own walls before reaching out to others.

Young people lead praise music during the devotional segment that opens the Christ-centered Saturday Night Live activities at Perry Church. (Photo: Rainey Turlington)

“For effective evangelism to any community, the church family must first be completely in love with each other,” says Crouch. “You don’t just tolerate each other and your differences, you embrace them.” In order to accomplish this, she believes members must spend time together beyond a weekly one hour church service.

On Saturday evenings, the Perry Church family, along with young and old friends invited from the community, come together for a Christ-centered version of Saturday Night Live. The open mic program gives everyone an opportunity to sing, read poetry, perform skits, play an instrument, or present religious humor. Completing the evening are group activities, such as: Wii games, board games, ping pong, air hockey, pool, volleyball, hula hoop contests, and gatherings around a bonfire.

Patty Crouch, lay pastor, helps two young participants with their song, Jesus Loves Me, during the open mic portion of Saturday Night Live. (Photo: Rainey Turlington)

Half the fun comes in watching younger and older generations enjoying one another, laughing together, and learning from each other. “When we are no longer separated by the older and younger generation but are together as the Jesus Generation,” says Crouch, “then we will truly be effective in leading souls to the foot of the cross.”

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