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Florida Pathfinders Making a Difference

posted on November 02, 2012, under Church by

by Darrin Hayes, Yolanda Acevedo

"The Pathfinders' kind natures, talent, and loving spirits impacted the lives of our elders in a beautiful and caring way and gives us bright hope for the future," said Kathleen Wilkes-Pierce, Activity Director/Volunteer Coordinator for Taylor Manor and Villas, after members of the Jacksonville Mandarin Club helped host an Aloha Party for residents. (Photo: Zaidilie Gutierrez)

Jacksonville Mandarin Church Pathfinders
Recently, Mandarin Pathfinders helped host an Aloha party for residents of Taylor Manor, an assisted living facility in Jacksonville, Fla. With the activity hall decked in flowers, balloons, and other festive decorations, Pathfinders sang songs, performed the Hukilau—a traditional Hawaiian dance—served beverages, and helped more than 65 residents participate in the event even though many were using wheelchairs or walkers.

For 15-year-old Jessica Prescott, making people happy was worth the time and effort. “They enjoyed it, and I’d love to do it again,” she said.

This year, Mandarin Pathfinders have adopted the theme, Making a Difference. “We want to engage Pathfinders in making a difference in some way on three levels: church, community, and even the global community,” said Betsy Greene, Pathfinder Co-director.

The newly organized Pathfinder and Adventurer Club at Lakeland Spanish Company. (Photo: Yolanda Acevedo)

Lakeland Spanish Company Pathfinders and Adventurers
An exceptional group of nonAdventist young people are part of a newly organized Pathfinder and Adventurer Club at Lakeland, Fla., Spanish Company. They are a product of several years of work in the community, and now these young people are ready to go to a new level in their walk with God.

A special Pathfinder Sabbath in October began with the young people leading the children’s 13th Sabbath program. Volunteers Javier Santiago, Florida Conference Central Area Administrator, and Jose Diaz Jr., Central Area Zone B Administrator, presented the Pathfinder and Adventurer program to the church families in the afternoon.

Pathfinders from Sebring Spanish and Leesburg Churches traveled to Lakeland to encourage this new venture. Other Pathfinder personnel attending were: Ruben Rodriguez, Central Area Cluster 6 Coordinator and Sebring Spanish Pathfinder Director; Yolanda Acevedo, North Area Cluster 6 Coordinator; Jimmy Mitchell, Brandon Spanish Pathfinder Director, and Noemi Mitchell, Brandon Spanish Pathfinder Counselor.

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