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Pathfinders Spend Weekend On Tropical Island

posted on October 05, 2012, under Conference by

by Calvin Brooks

Several dozen Pathfinders from five clubs participated in the Island Navigator program in the Florida Keys. (Photo: Ray Saladino)

Imagine 52 hours without electricity, electronics, or any other modern conveniences! Five Florida Pathfinder Clubs—Eliathah, Forest Lake, Melbourne Spanish, Palm Coast, and Tampa Spanish—survived these very conditions while taking an island excursion in July.

The Island Navigator experience began as Pathfinders and staff boarded a boat in the Florida Keys with Ray Saladino at the helm. The destination: one of the tranquil tropical islands in Molasses Key.

Alex Ramirez and Jennifer White admire a large Bahamas starfish found near Molasses Key. (Photo: Ray Saladino)

Calvin Brooks, State Pathfinder Administrator, accompanied by his assistants, Francisco Forbes, Martha Lewis, and Alex Ramirez, along with a youth staff team from the Reveille Pathfinder program, taught classes in skin diving, reef fish, marine invertebrates, marine algae, and tides. Young people were invigorated in natural surroundings outside of the traditional classroom as they studied the handiwork of their Creator “which the waters brought forth abundantly.” (Genesis 1:21 KJV)

Spiritual highlights of the weekend consisted of sermonettes, a panoramic view of God’s creation, and witnessing to the many visitors to the island.

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  • Pauline McFarlane

    The Island Navigator program sounds so exciting for our young people. Is there a chance that this will be offered again next year? Could it be available to pathfinder clubs outside of Florida (Georgia to be specific). I would love for our club to participate in something like this. Thanks.

  • communication

    Island Navigator has been operated every year for quite some time, and indeed will happen again in 2013. Two trips in July are scheduled, and you can contact our Pathfinder office for more information. They’ll have to be the ones to answer whether non-Florida clubs can participate. I fear it may be enough of a scheduling challenge to accommodate our own clubs.

  • Yolanda Acevedo

    Brandon Spanish was there too (two weeks ahead of this team). It was an awesome experience!

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