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Evangelistic Meetings Proclaim Better Days Are Coming

posted on September 07, 2012, under Church by

by Joy Bailey

“Better Days Are Coming” was the joyful proclamation at Sunrise, Fla., Church during summer evangelistic outreach meetings that ended with a baptism of 10 individuals.

The successful series was conducted by four church elders. Amazingly, each evangelist did not know the topic of each other’s sermon until the final planning stages; yet the topics were all related in a remarkable way. Michael McIntosh kicked off the series with “How To Know the Future;” Scott White presented “Hidden In Plain Sight;” Jespert Powell, “I Shall Return;” and Noel Graham, “Home At Last.” The theme song, “To the Utmost Jesus Saves” echoed loudly through the community each evening.

The personal ministries department made this event a reality with the support of Sunrise Church Pastor Michael Reid and collaboration with other department leaders and church members. The series climaxed with a baptismal service in the morning, a singspiration in the afternoon, a closing sermon of “Life’s Hardest Question,” and a candlelight celebration.

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