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Florida Conference MagaBook Ministry

posted on August 24, 2012, under Conference, Video Report by

Florida Conference In Mission is a monthly video series about people reaching people.

This month’s report highlights Florida Conference’s door-to-door MagaBook ministry.

Florida Conference MagaBook students contacted more than 300,000 people this summer in an effort to spread the Word of God. These student literature evangelists go to both homes and businesses to “promote health and better values in communities,” says Alfredo Acuña, MagaBook student. They offer everyone a variety of health books, children’s books, and devotional books in the form of magazines. They are printed in magazine form to be easier to read and a faster resource says Ruby Pimentel, associate publishing director.

In exchange for these books, people offer donations to the students which help them pay for school tuition. “A lot of these young people are putting themselves through school doing this,” said Les McCoy, associate publishing director. Students keep 70% of the money donated to apply directly towards their school bill. Many Adventist schools provide matching scholarships for this money as well.

In addition to the outreach, students also gain a deeper spiritual life as they are encouraged to pray often and have personal devotions. This spiritual connection helps them as they are talking to people. “Our main goal is just reflecting God to those people so that they can see a God-loving Christian person,” says Elvis Rodriguez, MagaBook student. They also take surveys to determine needs within that community and to offer people Bible studies. These surveys are then followed up by local churches.

Publishing Director Joe Holloway believes that students who want to grow spiritually and help further the gospel are the ones who join the MagaBook ministry.

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