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Forest Lake Academy Hires New Principal and Vice Principal

posted on May 31, 2012, under Conference, Education by

by Sandra Doran

David Denton

Forest Lake Academy has been blessed with strong leadership through the years, and that tradition will continue as two new administrators come on board, reports Arne Nielsen, Florida Conference Vice President for Integrated Youth Ministries.

David Denton, hired as the academy’s new principal, is well known to Florida Conference, having provided learning styles training for our teachers this year. Denton is known throughout the Southern Union for his research on student learning styles and his efforts to promote effective teaching for all types of students.

He has worked as an educator for 20 years, including 14 years of principal experience. Denton comes from Madison Academy, Tennessee, where he established a program to understand and honor student learning styles, directed comprehensive school improvements, increased enrollment by 25%, and developed a strategic plan that resulted in $150,000 in donations. With his high energy, optimism, humor, and vision, Denton will be a strong addition to the Florida Conference team.

Frank Jones

Denton will be joined at Forest Lake Academy by Frank Jones in the Vice Principal role. Jones comes with 30 years of leadership experience, most recently as headmaster and resource consultant for Berean Christian Junior Academy, Atlanta, Georgia, and Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy. He shares Denton’s philosophy of providing whatever it takes to help students learn.

“Education is about having growth occur wherever, whenever, and however possible,” Jones states. “Education is as vast as the ocean. Schools are responsible for ensuring every child has an opportunity to rise with the highest tide, meeting educational, social, and personal success.”

Florida Conference and the Office of Education look forward to the continued progress of Forest Lake Academy under these two new leaders.

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  • Alberta Lane

    How exciting that Frank Jones will be joining FLA as assistant principal. He will be a real strengthening addition to the academy. It was my privilege to work for his father for 10 years at the General Conference during the building of the new GC headquarters and relocation of the staff from the Takoma Park/Wasington DC location in 1989. His son follows in his father’s footsteps in character and dedication to God’s work.
    It was my joy to serve at Forest Lake Academy from 1971-1978 as administrative assistant to Principals Dean Kinsey and John Wagner. FLA holds a warm spot in my heart.

  • JT

    David Denton, principal, has come a long ways from the days he was a student at Southern Adventist University!

    Last Monday evening his presentation on learning styles was very informative, surprisingly clear and concise and delivered with candor and confidence.

    First slide was a quote by Albert Einstein: “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”


    KUTGW (Keep Up The Good Work).

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