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Florida Adventurers Hold Super Fun Day

posted on March 09, 2012, under Conference by

by Lisa Gary

Queen Esther, center, portrayed by Isis Abundiz, and her handmaiden, left, portrayed by Megan Fortier, explain to Adventurers how Esther was a Bible hero by saving her people from Haman's plan to destroy them. (Photo: Robert Hines)

“Is this the year Florida Adventurers will be coming for their Super Fun Day?” Giles Malone, Space Coast State Fair Manager, asked Lisa and Brad Gary, Florida Pathfinder Lay Adventurer Directors.

For the past 10 years, Florida Adventurers have held a bi-annual Super Fun Day during the Space Coast State Fair in Viera, Fla. Malone graciously provides space within the fairgrounds for the event, food booths, and a parade at no charge.

With Heart of a Hero as the theme, more than 1,400 Adventurers, their families, and 50+ volunteers gathered to learn about heroes of yesterday, today, and in the Bible. To begin the day, Pedro Perez, Florida Conference Youth Director, presented a devotional on how to be a hero to others and, most importantly, to God.

With the mission on helping others on their minds, Adventurers turned in more than 500 pairs of donated glasses to benefit the nonprofit organization, OneSight. They also came with 12 Bible verses memorized about heroes who relied on the Lord.

Crafts and games were offered throughout the day which highlighted the hero theme. In addition, historical and biblical heroes, dressed in attire of their day, visited with Adventurers in exhibit areas.

Members of the Sheriff’s Department were grand marshals for the parade that included 19 wagon floats illustrating the theme and pulled by Adventurers through the fairgrounds. The children and adults distributed Adventurer brochures during the parade, resulting in many inquiries about the ministry from fair goers.

Following closing thoughts and prayer by Robert Hines, Florida Conference Associate Youth Director, Adventurer families helped clean up the area which, later in the day, prompted Fair Manager Malone to say, “I would always welcome the Adventurer Ministries back, as they are the easiest and most pleasant group I ever work with.”

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