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Lauderhill Church Meetings Conclude With 75 Baptisms

posted on March 09, 2012, under Church by

Eddie John, whose wife, Angella, waited 25 years for this moment, is baptized by Andrew Nugent, Associate Pastor, Lauderhill, Fla., Church. (Photo: Karl Pinnock)

by Olga Simmons

A three-week Countdown to the End Series, conducted by Shian O’Connor, Cayman Islands Family Life Director, resulted in 75 baptisms and 13 recommitments to Christ at Lauderhill, Fla., Church. Viewers from more than 10 countries, as far away as Uganda on the continent of Africa, tuned in via the internet to view, chat, and submit prayer requests.

Highlights of the services included the baptism of Eddy John whose wife, Angella, had prayed for him to accept the Sabbath for 25 years; and the baptism of Elecia Williams who drove from Nantucket, Mass., to be baptized after viewing the series on the internet.

In addition, the Family Life Sabbath sermon, I’m Getting Married In the Morning, saw husbands and wives in the congregation recommitting to each other.

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