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Hollywood Spanish Church Members Inaugurate New Campus

posted on February 03, 2012, under Church by

by Natalia Lopez-Thismon

Hollywood Spanish Church

The recently inaugurated Hollywood, Fla., Spanish Church covers almost an entire city block and has a main auditorium, a youth chapel, a large multi-purpose room, a kitchen, and enough classrooms for a school. (Photo: Mike Cauley)

Hollywood, Fla., Spanish Church members recognized God’s blessings with a week of concerts, worship, Bible study, and praise that culminated in a day-long inaugural celebration in their new church facility. This congregation parented four additional churches in the south Florida area during the 18 years of working and struggling to acquire their own house of worship.

“Every step we took when trying to move to a new church was met by an attack from Satan, but the Lord has helped and blessed us,” said Freddy Poggi, church elder. “I hope that now our church can be a beacon of light here in Hollywood.”

A member, who prefers to remain anonymous, donated the 34,000-square-foot facility, which is a 1920s historical landmark in the city. He and his family also donated funds for renovations, as the church had fallen into disrepair during a five-year period after it was abandoned.

“This is all the product of one member’s kindness and desire to serve God,” said Emilio de Leon, Hollywood Spanish’s current pastor. “There is no doubt that God can do what seems impossible. When I look at what He has done for this church, I know He has great plans for all of us.”

“When I think about how God has gifted this congregation with this beautiful facility in a prominent location in this community,” says Florida Conference President Mike Cauley, “I think it must have something to do with their seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and their desire to extend the mission of Jesus into this community.”

Photos: Rafael Angarita, Natalia Lopez-Thismon, Dan Hunter.

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