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South Palm Company Mission Trip Results In 72 Decisions for Christ

posted on December 05, 2011, under Church by

by Sheila Claudelle Clarke

The Peru mission group from South Palm Company was invited to the office of the Mayor of Municipalidad Distrital Alto de la Alianza for a reception and special recognition.

Thirteen South Palm Company members departed for a 10-day mission trip to Tacna, Peru, September 22, 2011, which culminated in 72 people giving their hearts to the Lord. In addition to preaching the Word, the Peru mission group, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, offered medical services centered on natural cures for common diseases, presented nutrition and other health-promoting interventions, and offered mental health services.

Medical services and nutrition tips offered by the Peru mission group were appreciated by young and old, alike.

The group, under the direction of South Palm Pastor Carl James, consisted of Ryan Wiggan, Sheila Claudelle Clarke, Katia Cherisol, Leslie Shaw, Loreta Mangru, Lloyd Mirage, Norma Mirage, Duval Hutchinson, Kizzy Hutchinson, Natalie Williams, Eric Timothy, Joseph Charles, and Ovalle Marley.

The Mayor of Municipalidad Distrital Alto de la Alianza and the Peru Mission President recognized the group for their efforts. The inspiration behind the Peru mission group trip came from reports of a previous Peru mission trip taken in 2006 by Florida Conference staff.

“We are grateful that God used the Peru mission group in a special way to bring souls to Him,” says Pastor James. “God truly has a work for us as we continue to serve and harvest for God’s kingdom.”

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