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Small Group Lessons Transform Lives

posted on December 21, 2011, under Conference by

“Without question, the Spiritual Body Building group is the most meaningful experience I’ve had in my 40 years as a Seventh-day Adventist.”
—Participant testimony

Lesson author Kim Allan Johnson displays the three sets of small group materials that are bringing new life to individuals and churches throughout Florida Conference and elsewhere. Johnson comments, “They are designed to be like the three stages of a rocket, taking churches to new heights of effectiveness and spirituality.”

Spiritual Body Building
The Spiritual Body Building small group lessons are designed to help Seventh-day Adventists both understand and experience God’s amazing vision of how to be church. This engaging, thought-provoking series of 13 lessons will challenge your pre-conceived ideas, open new areas of understanding, and invite you to step into a future of greater happiness and fulfillment. Originally published in 1997, these lessons have been used by hundreds of Seventh-day Adventist churches throughout the United States and have impacted the lives of thousands of people.

I’m Allergic To Witnessing
The I’m Allergic to Witnessing small group lessons will remove forever any guilt or fear you may feel whenever you hear the word, “witnessing.” They will redefine what evangelism means and enable you to serve others in a relaxed, upbeat, natural way. The emphasis is on treating people as Jesus would and meeting them at the point of their felt need. No pressure, no arm-twisting, no salesmanship, and no theology degree needed. Learn how to let God’s love flow through you to bless others.

Trust, Belonging, and Hope
The Trust, Belonging, and Hope small group lessons will take your relationships to a whole new level. These three crucial values become the keys to fulfilling Jesus’ compelling prayer for oneness in John 17. Expand your sphere of acquaintances and friendships by learning how to carry on meaningful conversations with anyone, anywhere. Experience the joy of being God’s instrument for building trust, belonging and hope into the lives of others.

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