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Midport Church Launches WEHR-FM Radio Station

posted on December 05, 2011, under Church by

by Anesta Thomas

Dale Bass, center, WEHR's President of the Board, gave Three Angels Broadcasting Network representatives John and Angela Lomacang a tour of the radio station during the inauguration event. (Photo: Haroldo Arismendi)

A new radio ministry at Midport Church in Port St. Lucie, Fla., launched into reality in two short weeks; however, before broadcasts over WEHR could begin airing, a series of steps had to be completed.

First, the Board had to ascertain a relationship with LifeTalk Radio. Next, a connection had to be established with Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) Radio. Then, the Board had to locate and hire an engineer to work on the physical installation of the fully automated local station. The only three such engineers in St. Lucie County were unavailable for four to six weeks.

Dale Bass, President of the Board, said they prayed for a miracle because they could not wait that long. Two hours later, one engineer called and said a client was not ready, so he could do the installation at Midport Church. The Lord had performed the first in a series of miracles. Two and a half days later, this engineer did the installation and aligned the satellite with 3ABN radio to enable receiving its signals at 100.1 on the FM dial.

A second miracle ensued when the station was ready to broadcast in a two-week window before their Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license would have been jeopardized.

WEHR presently has a signal which covers a 15-mile radius and reaches a population of 200,000. “This is the first step to a bigger mission—the radio station’s web site,” said Bass. Listeners will be introduced to the web site where there are five direct links: 3ABN Television, 3ABN Radio, Online Bible study course, church programs, daily programs, schedules, and events.

Danny Shelton, left, Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) founder, sings with Ladye Love and Reggie Smith at Midport Church in Port St. Lucie, Fla. The concert was sponsored by the church's new radio station, WEHR-FM, as a musical gift to the community. (Photo: Haroldo Arismendi)

John Lomacang and his wife, Angela, of 3ABN were present to help facilitate the station’s sendoff. Their participation drew hundreds of members from other churches who, armed with a knowledge of the radio station, were asked to share the news with those they know. These guests watched a special, videotaped message from 3ABN President Jim Gilley and received WEHR 100.1 bumper stickers to distribute in the community.

The church hopes their radio station will plant seeds which will sprout and grow as listeners learn truths of the Bible and, ultimately, give their lives to Christ. Pastor Dennis McOmber says, “My desire is that our radio station will reach the community with the Three Angels’ Message by its distinctive content and programs.”

The WEHR Radio Station Board’s vision is to make high profile music artists available to the community, drawing those who want to hear good, Christian music. By scheduling quarterly community Sabbaths, followed by evening concerts, they hope to introduce people to Midport’s Adventist fellowship.

The first concert of the series was presented by Jennifer LaMountain, the second by Reggie and Ladye Love Smith, and a third will be conducted by The King’s Herald Quartet on February 18, 2012. On the same date, Lonnie Melashenko will be the morning speaker. Information on future concerts is available on the Events link of the WEHR web site:

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