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Camp Meeting’s New Country Home

posted on December 21, 2011, under Conference by

A Peaceful Place To Meet With God

written from comments of 2011 Camp Meeting attendees

2011 Camp Meeting Featured Speaker Henry Wright. (Photo: Lori Bennett)

“Welcome to Camp Kulaqua and Camp Meeting 2011!” That was the warm greeting extended to us as we approached the Camp on a pleasant Thursday evening last April.

Before us was a tranquil scene, far removed from the noise of the interstate we left behind and the hustle and bustle of a 9-to-5 job. We felt our senses sharpen when we left the everyday same-old-same-old and turned our thoughts heavenward in thanksgiving for the blessing this peaceful place has to offer.

We were soon whisked through registration by efficient and friendly workers. Quickly, we settled in and took a walk by the horse corrals and the Adventist Book Center with its wraparound veranda and inviting chairs which seemed to say, “Stop with a book to read and rest a while.” Along the way, we met old and new friends in a family-type atmosphere.

The weekend weather was perfect for holding seminars outdoors. (Photo: Lori Bennett)

The much-anticipated hour drew near for the evening meeting to begin. The transformation of the gymnasium into a worship place with its beautifully decorated stage was a pleasant surprise. Comfortable webbed mesh chairs replaced the old metal chairs of Camp Meetings past, allowing the audience to concentrate on the message instead of fidgeting throughout the meeting, trying to find a comfortable position.

The daily schedule had many options for renewal of spirit and soul, from a prayer session for early risers to a wide choice of seminars. Two of the most-attended presentations were CREATION Health taught by Lynell LaMountain from Florida Hospital and Lessons From the Pioneers by Jud Lake from Southern Adventist University, but all seminars were good.

It is difficult to convey on paper the sound of uplifting music that swelled through the gymnasium, such as that from the Miami Temple Praise team. Hearts were touched with the music of Ralph Henderson, Moses Brown, sisters Ashley and Brittany Howard, and Terri McEndree who sang under the coordination of Camp Meeting Music Director Kelly Mowrer.

The Miami Temple Praise Team were among the performers at a refreshing outdoor concert. (Photo: Lori Bennett)

Sabbath afternoon was an ideal time to visit the zoo, and many of us did. Stories of the animals were of interest as workers told how many came to their Camp home after being rescued. There was even a new young lion to be enjoyed, but the big tiger is still a favorite for most.

Sabbath’s afternoon concert down by the spring provided a relaxing time as we sat in lawn chairs under the sweeping trees. The diversity of music was performed by young and old. The capstone of the service was when four individuals were baptized in the spring.

Youth and children’s programming took place throughout the campus. Youth were enthusiastic about Flame, a drama team comprised of young people from Tallahassee, and inspired as author Rainey Park told of lessons learned while writing her book, Love, Kirsten. The excellent children’s programing brought a tremendous blessing, such as Pandamania for little people.

Joy was evident in the hearts of those baptized in the cool spring water during Camp Meeting 2011. (Photo: Walter Maier)

Saturday night, after the evening meeting, campers of all ages were found climbing a rock wall outside the Adventist Book Center. Inside, guest authors and musicians signed books and CDs purchased by happy shoppers.

Sunday dawned as this spiritual retreat drew to a close with morning meetings followed by afternoon family activities. Driving down a dusty lane to the highway, departing thoughts reflected on spiritual truths learned and friendships made or renewed. While offering thanks to the Maker for the opportunity to visit this beautiful place, there was quiet peace knowing we had drawn closer to God.

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  • Don Figge

    I was just looking for a place to say how much
    I appreciated this year’s camp meeting at Camp Kulaqua. It’s the perfect place for it. The seminars my wife and I attended, they were on Biblical Archeology, were outstanding. The couple from Andrews University did a fantastic presentation. There just never seems to be enough time though. The main speaker was inspiring and dynamic. The music was exceptional.
    This was a job well done, you all should be proud. Thank you for your efforts.

  • communication

    We appreciate your comments and are thrilled Camp Meeting was such a blessing to you.

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