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Florida MagaBook Program Results in Changed Lives

posted on October 21, 2011, under Conference by

by Les McCoy

This past summer, 53 students participated in the 2011 MagaBook program. (Photo: Martin Butler)

Representing nine countries, 53 high school and university students participated in MagaBook programs held in Miami, Jacksonville, and Lady Lake, Fla., this past summer.

Students contacted more than 250,000 people, sold 30,000 books, and received donations of $190,000 of which 70% went directly to scholarships. In addition, the young people prayed with customers and shared the gospel in homes, businesses, parking lots, and on street corners.

“You sold me this book last year,” said a customer on seeing the MagaBook, Foods That Heal. “I followed everything in it and lost 50 pounds.” His purchase this year included health and message books.

The MagaBook programs are also a ministry to the students as they are encouraged to develop a deepened relationship with Jesus Christ. “I experienced Jesus in such a beautiful and powerful way as I canvassed for Him,” said Danielle McFazean, an Oakwood University education major, at her end-of-summer baptism.

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