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CREATION Health Makes a Difference

posted on August 24, 2011, under Church, Hospital by

Florida Conference pastors are using the eight principles of CREATION Health to encourage people in the community to make a difference in their lives through: Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlook, and Nutrition.

Following are a sample of seminars being held throughout Florida with others being planned for the fall:

Palm Coast
Twenty-three of the 25 attendees at CREATION Health seminars at Florida Hospital Flagler were nonAdventist. Testimonies of weight loss, reduced medications, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lower blood sugar levels have participants excitedly sharing what they have learned, reports Pastor Bob Hayes. A continuing education process is incorporated into CREATION Health Alumni meetings and through e-mail.

Venice Nokomis
People started changing their lifestyle habits after two lessons. An average of 25 members and nonmembers are attending each session.

Mount Dora
Two members of the church health team served as guest lecturers for a CREATION Health event at Florida Hospital Waterman. The team has also conducted a follow-up cooking class for previous seminar attendees.

Sabbath School attendees have had a choice to attend a CREATION Health class during this time slot. The seminar was also offered to bariatric patients as an online support group at Florida Hospital Celebration Health. Pastor Joseph Wamack has taught a Study Guide on Trust to a group in the Town Hall.

Jacksonville Mandarin
Members teamed up with local organizations to help sponsor a fundraiser for cancer research as a first step to launching a CREATION Health program.

Nine other Florida Conference pastors have reported their plans to start up CREATION Health seminars in their congregations this fall.

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