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Mission to the Cities

During the next five years, Florida Conference is placing special emphasis on evangelism in cities around the state. This includes outreach events and training to revive churches and church planting for reaching out to people not currently being reached. As part of this initiative, we have partnered with Chinese Union Mission to increase the number of church planters in China (learn more below).


  • 2014 – Miami
  • 2015 – West Palm Beach/Fort Lauderdale
  • 2016 – Tampa/Naples
  • 2017 – North Florida
  • 2018 – Central Florida

Special Offerings

As part of this mission emphasis, we will have two special offerings in 2014. The first one took place on March 29 and the next will take place on August 30. The money collected during these two weeks will be used for church planting in Miami and in China. A video appeal for the August offering is embedded below. You may also give to these projects at any time by marking it on your tithe envelope.

The China Connection Project

Florida Conference has a unique opportunity to support Bible workers in China. Pressure on missionaries in China has eased, and we want to take advantage of this increased opening in the window while it lasts. Our prayer is that all our churches will embrace this opportunity and adopt at least one Chinese Bible worker through a local church board action. This may be funded from budget or from individual member contributions.

People in China are hungry for the good news of Jesus. The Gospel Coalition shared a video showing their amazing reaction to owning Bibles for the first time. Watch the Video here.

Answers to common questions:

Q. How are member contributions to be handled?
A. This is a local church project. Individual contributions are to be made to the local church. Once $1,500 has been collected, the funds are remitted to the Conference under the title, “China Connection.”

Q. What if the church has not adopted a Bible worker but individual members contribute to this project?
A. Individual members may still contribute to the China Connection project. Please remit their donations marked “China Connection” with your normal remittance.

Q. What if a church board agrees to adopt a Chinese Bible worker, and more than $1,500 is received?
A. What a fantastic problem to have! At this point, the local church board could decide to sponsor a second Bible worker. Alternatively, the additional funds may be sent to the Conference to combine with other similar funds which will sponsor another Chinese Bible worker. All donations will honor the donor’s intentions and be applied accordingly.

Q. Will the church receive any information about their adopted Bible worker?
A. Yes. A brief biography will be provided on each Bible worker. Due to security issues, pictures and detailed information will not be available.

Q. Will the church receive ongoing updates from their Bible worker?
A. The Chinese Union Mission President understands the importance of ongoing communications and is committed to doing what he can to promote this. However, due to the remoteness of some locations where the workers will be, and because of political sensitivities, consistent communication may not always be possible. Again, the importance of this is not underestimated, and Chinese Union Mission will do everything possible to keep churches apprised of their Bible worker’s progress.

For more information on the China project, contact Phil Bond.