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Duane Rollins

Treasurer, Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Duane Rollins served Rocky Mountain Conference as a full time lay pastor, then as Association treasurer and Trust Services director for a total of 18 years. His first overseas mission appointment came as a call to the former Far Eastern Division (a.k.a. Asia Pacific Division) as treasurer of Guam Micronesia Mission. When Asia Pacific Division divided into Northern Asia Pacific Division (Seoul) and Southern Asia Pacific Division (Manila), Duane initially served as treasurer of the Northern Division and completed his mission service as treasurer of the Southern Division.

In 2002, Duane and Marilyn, his wife, returned to the United States where Duane was elected treasurer of Illinois Conference. Then, in 2008, he was elected treasurer of Florida Conference.

He is best known for his skills in working out difficult financial circumstances where needed, and in systematically strengthening the underlying financial foundations of healthy organizations. He is frequently heard to say how much he values and appreciates the strengths of Florida Conference.

Duane enjoys spirited teamwork and holds both the Conference’s leadership team and treasury team in high esteem. His staff is greatly valued.

Duane and Marilyn take pride in their children who, with their families, live in Indiana, Illinois, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, and Alaska. All of their children hold graduate degrees in various professions.

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